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The Mad Killer of Mouscron

August 1992, the citizens of the town of Mouscron were paralyzed by fear. A young man walked through the streets and assaulted passers-by by shooting at close range.
Under pressure, the authorities worked tirelessly to resolve this particular case. Only the weapon and the modus operandi linked the different crimes together. The motive remained untraceable.
It was the arrival of a letter to the police station signed by the killer that would relaunch the investigation and lead the authorities to the home of Arnaud Degezelle, a 17-year-old teenager.
His nonchalance in the face of the seriousness of his acts stunned an entire country. His intentions were motivated only by the desire to kill. His murderous madness would cause injuries to three people and kill a 17-year-old teenager, David Matton.

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